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"...beautiful and memorable scenes, rich with feeling." Pippa Little

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"...refreshing and arresting." Neil Leadbeater

The Guildford Line, Dawn's Eastern Fabric
Message in a Bottle
Spring 2015, then Issue 24.

Poem below one of two included in the inaugural edition of Kudzu Review Winter solstice, December 2011. 
Hardcopy available since April 2012.

Googling Soylent Green

eating scene

Edward G,
      every inch
the eternal man
full of Soylent Green
and Death,
     in his shady bed,
a wrinkled bean,
a thread of cress
     in newlight
smiles beneath
     the silver screen’s
abundant streams
     and crocus,
     of daffodils,
     wide plains,
the stag
     and mountain lake:
in pastoral
to listen
     to his symphonies
to germinate
     the tree of life
beneath his shining sun
setting red:
Is this the end of Rico?


Afternoon Song

You there in your old, cold country
Do you think of me
      As a bay in North Sicily,
Or rumpled bedroom flooded with heat and light
(From which you cannot keep out
      a small cry in the night)
Hot despite all slats and flats of your
Shuttered North doors that can hardly withdraw
      All the heat of the day,
At least you can park all your secrets in shade
Until evening takes some heat from your blushes,
      Your burns and the drops of your foolish, salt tears

6 poems in Sentinel Literary Quarterly:
Afternoon Song and other poems

The Glass Forest
Mary Charman-Smith's Bi-annual Competition- November 2012

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