Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Sigurd and the nuthatch

Sigurd and the nuthatch, an extravagant take on the Norse Myths, wins second place in the annual competition at the Festival of Firsts  in the Wirral – prize giving on Sunday afternoon, 09 July. I am pleased to have an affirmation of this poem, besides stretching the limits, it also includes everything it can from the original tale.  Perhaps there is a bent for the old stories at the Festival, I hope so. Anyway, I'll be reading, one kenning included.  
Also this week:  a poem included in the Ver Poets Comp. Anthology 2017, out in July
AND a poem on the theme of shoes, to be included in the inaugural edition of the Northampton Poetry Review to be launched this summer by poet, Tom Harding.   The day's so hot right now.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Illustrated man

First of three illustrations of poems from Pilgrim Station in ink, by Dan Jackson.

There is a man in the tub
    the taps are running
    the tears are running

from, Paris

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Interview with Rosie

Paxos - Dom & Geranium

Sentinel Quarterly have printed my recent interview with Rosie Johnston.  It doesn’t include several of Rosie’s more searching questions, generally in the form, “& what does that mean, exactly?” those have all been ironed out: the piece is, in fact, coherent.  Please give it a go online or the magazine is now available in print from the SPM Shop. 

Home yesterday, kittens in the cupboard and England green.  May is lush after a week away. Here's a photo of the poet banging on: making a din in splendid surroundings. I think, more poetry in these posts, endless self-promotion is not my first order of business.  Comments welcome.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

in the courtyard of the vic

Words and music.  This composite photo from our last outing at Black Book Café.  A lot of fun, everyone welcome to Sunday's event, 23 April 7.30 Start, further info here.  I drew up this photo from the video, and now recognised, enjoy its entirely misleading, choral quality.  Still, words & music.

Black Book Café, February 2017.  Dom, Clare and Nick

Saturday, 15 April 2017

WOL Review

Pilgrim Station Review, by Neil Leadbeater. Write Out Loud is generous with its resources and always supportive, still, this amiable, appreciative review is more than I would have asked for: & for the first time we hear of,  James's gift!

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Words & Music II, Sunday 23 April

Round Two of Cas and Dom’s Words and Music, this time on Sunday April the 23rd at 19:30 in The Little Vic, at the foot of Gloucester Street in Stroud, in the courtyard of The Queen Victoria pub. And we are all stringing our instruments, if that's the term.

Danica is coming over from Newbury and we look forward to welcoming Mandy, Ely and Kim.  Cas has definitely put the word out: Stroud News & Journal, PrLog – and I will see about hanging a few posters, don't they look great?? I must overhaul the blurb on the blog.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

The Lake Review

My first review appears in ezine, The Lake, April 17. I think it's okay. It is a bit alarming to be quoted back at myself from the blog, and with no fit way to react to this or that observation which seems not-properly observed;  but plenty were, and it is a good thing to have the poems in Pilgrim Station singled out and weighed differently as they are passed from hand to hand. Okay, there maybe an error or two, I know, I know. But, my first review. The grin of cheese!