Saturday, 28 January 2017

Words & Music, Saturday 25 February, Stroud

Come to the Black Book in Stroud for an evening of wine, cake, acoustic sets and song interspersed with raconteuring and poetic celebration.  Casimir and Sandra bring Mike and Nick, highly recommended, and we have visiting poets Paul, whose stock is rising and Clare, who carries the fire. 

More information on facebook page, wordsandmusicstroud and soon to be posted on black book site and generally around.  There will be corkage at the café, bring a bottle by all means, bring your effervescent self.

Maybe pick up a copy of Pilgrim Station. music from Cas and Paul's poetry  also available.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

PS Arrivals

Watch out world.
Wed 25 January Little Theatre, Sheringham, Norwich
Poetry Library  Write Out Loud
Thur, 16 February Radio Corinium, recording – not live broadcast
Sat 25 February
Black Book Café, Stroud, Glos, “Words & Music” with Cas Greenfield
Tues, 25 April Writers in the Brewery, Cirencester, Glos

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Little Theatre

Poetry at the Hub: January 25th, 7.30 p.m: Andrea Holland and Dominic James
Entry fee: £5
Our first reading of the New Year is a real adventure: we welcome two poets who rejoice in the twists and turns of language at the same time as bearing sharp witness to the weight of experience.

There will be an opportunity to read your own work, a maximum of three poems: please talk to Peter Pegnall before the reading begins.
This is the first outing for Pilgrim Station so, a launch party. And it is right it should be with Peter playing host And it is a piece of luck to share the stage  - if any -  with Andrea Holland. Further venues will be posted in due course, there will certainly be celebrations and performances to come across the Midlands and the South: 2017 hits the road at a run.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Pilgrim Station

I am entirely delighted to confirm Pilgrim Station will be printed this week to come and available from various sources, including: Nnorom has come up trumps, reviews are underway or volunteered, and I am clinging to a career milestone, waving my scarf in the breeze and singing, as the man put it, my favourite Spanish Revolutionary song.   


Every dog has his day!  Love Light and happiness,

Friday, 11 November 2016

Peter at Hungerford

Bright Scarf Poet Peter Pegnall on the last night of the Hungerford Literary Festival,   23 October 2016. The right man for the job. He puts me in mind of his old mentor, and that ancient yardman poet from further up the east coast.  A case of Whitby sur Moyola, though it strikes me Peter starts with clearer intentions even than Caedmon

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Soller Station

the bright scarf contingent gathers at Hungerford on the weekend. We're going to see that Jenni Murray on Saturday, then probably paint the town red.  At a literary festival all doors are open and all wines flow. Isn't that so?  Meanwhile, anxious delays on my collection, this is no picture of me loaded down with paperbacks, in any case, wrong station...

When I stepped out into the rain today
with head bowed down and collar turned
against the wind set lightly at my door,
an Autumn wind, I saw you standing,
waiting on your platform without end,
waiting for a North bound train.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Hungerford Literary Festival, Sunday 23 October

Rounding off the festival’s exciting programme of authors and events an evening with the Bright Scarf Poets, which includes an open mic element.  This will be a really fun, welcoming event for anyone interested in the spoken word. There will be a stage, a microphone, tables set-up cafe style and the all important bar to help calm any nerves. What a fantastic way to spend a Sunday night”

Tickets available, with reduction for speaking poets.